Not Happy with your Property Tax

Assessment? You Have the Right to Appeal!


Why should I appeal?

It is a right that every homeowner has and there is very little risk (unless you added square footage to your home without pulling a permit). The assessments are determined by a computer program that analyzes numbers and doesn’t account well for specific differences between quality of houses and neighborhood boundaries. There is always a chance that you can get a reduction of any kind. When you appeal an actual appraiser reviews actual sales comps to determine your appeal. This is going to be a much more accurate appraisal value.

If I appeal can they increase my appraisal value?

They are not allowed to increase your value in this calendar year. Even if they realize you are undervalued. It can only be reduced or stay the same. IF they were ever to actually increase in the same calendar year, it would have to be supported by significant sqft increase an appraiser observed by visiting your property. It is unlikely that they will visit, even though they are entitled to.

If I agree with my value, is there any benefit to appealing?

Yes. If you appeal and then go to the Board of Equalization you will get your value frozen at the current value for 2019, 2020, 2021. That means it won’t increase with the market until your freeze expires in 2022. Win or loose at the Board of Equalization, you get the freeze.


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