When Buying a Home, You’ve Got to LOVE it!

Make Sure You Love It

How do you know if you’ve found the house or condo that you are going to buy? You’ve got to love it!

When I first moved to Atlanta, I worked at Banana Republic and I remember one of the first things a manager told me. The customer has to love the clothes to buy it, because if they don’t, they’ll never wear it. I took this to mean, don’t talk a customer into buying something he/she doesn’t love.

I use the same theory when helping buyers purchase homes. You would know it if you loved it (or loved it enough with your future plans to renovate…etc) so if you ask me whether you should buy it or not, I’m going to put the question back on you.

I’ll help you run through the criteria you said you wanted, remind you of your reactions as you first walked through the property, and make sure you feel comfortable with your decision.

One thing you can always count on, is to take a day and a night to sleep on it. If you still feel good about your decision in the morning, it’s probably the right one. If you don’t feel good about the decision, you’ll know it and you will know to keep looking.

I don’t care how many houses you need to see [within a little reason 😉 ] or how many times you need to see it again, or how long you take to choose a property, or how much you spend on it – I just want you to LOVE it!

Your Agent Isn’t Helping You?

If you ever feel like your agent isn’t helping you talk through your decision, but is instead telling you one way or another, or pushing you in the direction of a property you aren’t sure of, you may want to find a new agent.

Whether you have signed a buyer brokerage agreement or not, if you choose to terminate your business relationship with an agent and the agent tells you that you can not, call their broker and he/she should be able to resolve the issue. That’s why agents are required to have broker information on everything, so the consumer always has access to information if they need to make a complaint or their agent isn’t cooperating with a request.

I’m always available to answer any real estate questions, so please ask Maggie at 404-804-6405.

Get Started!

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Maggie Paynich
Maggie Paynich is a Realtor with Buy & Sell Differently of Keller Williams Realty Metro Atlanta, Decatur.

Our clients gain confidence through our personalized services including educating families about the buying and selling process, being their biggest advocate and taking pride in supporting our communities with every house sold. We have a goal of giving back $30K to Atlanta nonprofits in 2016.

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